Women in Neurology @ U of T

Mentorship in Women’s Neurology (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) 

In 2017, Dr. Bui wanted to create a space where women trainees within our program could safely, and fully explore important sex and gender-based themes that were often either unexplored or incompletely explored in the formal neurology residency curriculum.  Created by Dr. Bui in 2018, the Women in Neurology @ UofT was launched. These sessions have been supported by the Division of Neurology under the leadership of Drs. Xavier Montalban and David Tang-Wai and co-led by resident physician leaders Dr. Priscilla Kwan (2019), Dr. Priti Gros (2020), Dr. Katherine Sawicka (2021), Dr. Sydney Lee (2022), Dr. Amy Yu (2023). The inaugural session featured Dr. Roberta Bondar – world's first neurologist in space and her reflections on cracking the glass ceiling. 

These past few years have included the following topics: