Our Projects

Women's Neurology Program at the University of Toronto

A clinical and training program for Women's Issues in Epilepsy, Stroke, Headache, Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmune Disease and Obstetrical Neurology 

The Lullaby Project for Women with Epilepsy

Studying the Impact of Lullaby Creation on Maternal Wellness in Women with Epilepsy

Breastmilk Study for Women Taking Lamotrigine

A study exploring lamotrigine transmission in breast milk for breastfeeding moms and infants

Storytelling: Reclaiming Herstory for Women with Epilepsy

An exploration of how story-telling be used to empower women with epilepsy in creating a safe and loving environment to share their story with their children

Obstetrical Outcomes of Canadian Women with Epilepsy  

A multi-year study characterizing maternal and fetal health issues for women with epilepsy

WHEN(now): A Shared Decision Tool for Women's Neurological Health

A web-based platform to enable a shared decision model for women with neurological illness and their health care providers informed by experts and patients' lived experiences

IMPROV-ing Imposter Phenomenon 

A two-part study exploring imposter phenomenon in medical training and how improvisation techniques can help

Women in Neurology: Mentorship Program

Exploring the hidden curriculum for women in neurology @ U of T