Working to inform Canadian women's neurological care based on sex and gender specific data

Dr. Esther Bui


Dr. Esther Bui is a neurologist, clinician educator and assistant professor at the Krembil Brain Institute, University of Toronto

Meet the team

This is a true collaborative effort from respected experts in their fields to advance the work on women's issues in neurology. Meet some of our team members and collaborators:

Sabrina Chan, Research Analyst 

Smitha Felix, Assistant  

Dr. Aleksandra Pikula, collaborator

Sharon Ng, PhD Student 

Dr. Angela O'Neal, collaborator  

Dr. Janet Waters, collaborator

Dr. Kristin Krysko, collaborator

Dr. Tejal Patel, collaborator

Dr. Kelly Grinrod, collaborator

Dr. Annie Zhu,


Dr. Emma Voinescu, collaborator

Vanessa Smith, Manager of Outreach and Education at Massey Hall/Roy Thomson Hall

Dr. Christine Lay, collaborator

Dr. Ginette Moores, collaborator

Dr. Nazeem Sultan, collaborator

Dr. Julien Hebert, collaborator

Dr. John Snelgrove, collaborator

Dr. Shinya Ito, collaborator

Dr. David Gold, collaborator

Keriann Tingling, NP collaborator

Hartley Jafine, collaborator

Dr. Kathryn Sawicka, collaborator

Dr. Autumn Klein, collaborator

Dr. Tad Fantaneanu, collaborator

Collaborative Partners:

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